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How can you modernise your brand in 2017?

Brilliant Hospitality: Hotel Management Companybranding How can you modernise your brand in 2017?

How can you modernise your brand in 2017?

How can you modernise your brand and bring it into 2017?


The first 3 month’s of 2017 have flown by, but some hotels still haven’t jumped on the changing trends in the hotel industry.


Businesses find it hard to stand out on the internet where everyone is exposed to thousands of brands trying to make their stamp. Therefore, assessing a brand’s image and physical and digital presence is important for brands looking to grow in the future.  With the pressures of having to modernise brands businesses have to think hard about what is the best way to bring your brand into 2017.



Assessing where the brand is in 2016 and the first few months of this year is a good idea before beginning a modernisation process.

Ask yourself some questions:


  • What have your competitors been doing? Are they doing really well online and can you re-create this for your brand?
  • Is your branding strong? For example, do you use a colour scheme and logo across your company?
  • What channels would be best for your business? There needs to be a specific approach to each channel.


The Aims:

Modernising your brand needs clear goals. What is it you want to achieve from making the brand more digital savvy. Is it better relationships with customers, more sales or growing your loyal customer base? Take these different aspects into consideration when looking at a new digital plan for your company.


  • Create a strong brand on social media platforms
  • Create a blog or a news update feed on your website to have a more permanent presence online.
  • Create a website that is accessible (see our blog on how to make your website better)
  • Create a strong message to share online. Think about your USP
  • Find ways to engage people online. This can be through good content, competitions or online only deals.
  • Reach out to more customers that wouldn’t necessarily have access your products or services normally.


The Outcomes:

The outcomes of modernisation will pull your hotel into 2017 and set up the brand for the future. These digital trends are here to stay and the days of pure offline marketing are a thing of the past.


We specialise in innovation and modernising hotels which means we are a wealth of knowledge here! Give us a call for more advice on how to upgrade your brand.

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