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How our hotels are doing Valentine’s Day.

How our hotels are doing Valentine’s Day.

It is that time of year for hotels to dust off the red table clothes and decorate with heart shaped ornaments. It may seem a cheesy cliché holiday for some, but Valentine’s events for hotels and restaurants is a great way to get new couples into your hotel and diner with enticing offers.

If you’re an independent hotel and haven’t hosted Valentine’s themed events before or just want to overhaul a stale holiday for your brand then now is the time! We’ve put together a list of the some of the things we are doing to jump start your thoughts.

What are we doing this year (and what you should be trying)

  1. Live music – this is a way to make your events authentic and give you an edge on your competitors. Our events this year include a live harpist that will play this traditional ad romantic instrument for a large dinner crowd. It is the perfect way to show off that your hotel knows how to pull off a 5-star romantic night. We are also using live singers and allowing guests to request songs 2 weeks before our Valentine’s Dinner and Dance. This adds a lovely personal touch to the musical entertainment that’s guests will enjoy. Music seems like a small aspect of the night but it can really lift the mood and make a guests evening!
  2. Set menus around £30 per person in our Kent hotels – set menus rather than the usual menu with a valentine’s twist will make hosting a large scale dinner so much easier and reduce the risk of mishaps in the kitchen. Simple set menus of 3-courses will help you scale up your event with ease. Although, just because the menu is set doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have a touch of luxury! It is Valentine’s after all.
  3. Get the prosecco flowing! All our events have a free glass of bubbly included. Giving guests a freebie is always a points scorer and will lead to a better impression of your hotel.
  4. Décor – we have gone for the traditional candlelit dinner in our large and small hotels because it has a theme of luxury but it not expensive to create for our hotels.
  5. Make it into a weekend package! Use Valentine’s to sell out your weekend spaces. We are a fan of combo deals that include B&B and Valentine’s Day Dinner. It’s a way to fill up your hotel and recover from any January slump.

Those were just 5 of our tips and tricks for Valentine’s. We are always open for consultations and can help with how independent hotels can achieve better things. You can have a look at our portfolio here:



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