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The Christmas Season is here! Here’s some promotion ideas.

The Christmas Season is here! Here’s some promotion ideas.

Get your promotions right. The Christmas season is looming for the hospitality community. Most businesses have already thought about their Christmas promotion plans and how they can get a share of the Christmas spending season.

Although there is still plenty of time to create new offers and test out new ideas on customers.  The average UK family spends£800 on Christmas so there is a lot of money up for grabs from festive footfall.   £74.3 billion was the  total retail spend by UK households in the run up to Christmas  2013 and more than one-third of this was on additional Christmas spending over and above our regular spending on food, drink, clothing and toiletries.


Time to talk about your options:


1. 50% off.
This is a classic, but beware as it is a heavy discount on your goods and services. This half price deal definitely draws people in as people look to grab a bargain. The way to pull this offer off well it to choose a product that your competitors do not have. Even better try and integrate your loyalty program into this deal. You want to bring in customers that will spend £100 or more in one transaction.


2. Gift cards

These are easy to do and cheap to implement. They are excellent and easy gift options for businesses.  With the rise of the digital customers, online gift cards sent via email is a popular, waste-free option. The best gift cards either material or email need to be designed well with colourful designs.


3.  Offers that are Christmas themed like 12 days of Christmas.

Offers like the 12 days of Christmas need some planning but offer customers something new and interesting in the festive season.


4. Put a Christmas offer on your receipts.

Customising receipts to include an offer lure in repeat customers.  This kind of offer works well all year long, but add some Christmas zest with a special limited offer.


5. Create Christmas packages

Some businesses find it helpful to make hampers for Christmas that push certain products and offers. There are plenty of tips and tricks on how to make an appealing hamper. They don’t need to be too expensive, but they should be appealing. Hampers that have samples, gift cards, vouchers and other promotional material are a good way to push products.


6. Christmas Events

Using events to push your products is a smart way to create hype around a product or promotion. Loyal customers should be rewarded with special invites because long-term customers are  the best brand advocates.


7. Collaborate

Christmas is a time to offer more. It is easier to offer more when you team up with other businesses. A team offer will entice people in and expand Christmas offer’s appeals.


Let’s recap the importance of Christmas promotions.  Christmas promotions are how many businesses increase their sales and boost the bottom line. This time of year is too important for businesses. Good promotions should fit in well with a marketing strategy that considers the business’s long-term  aspirations. A half-hearted promotion that has no clear goals won’t get the results that it needs.


Offers and promotions that utilise good sales and marketing practise will go further in helping business.  We’re looking forward to the Christmas period and working with our business partners to offer some great deals and loyalty programs.

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